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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

...Where do you go when you die?

Members and friends of this blogspot know Pastor Matthew Richardt as a friendly and encouraging voice. I thought you would appreciate this brief interview he recently held with the San Diego Reader. The final question and answer speaks volumes.

San Diego Reader: Where do you go when you die?

Pastor Matt: I don’t think we think about death enough. If we did, we’d be more humble than we are. As Christians we believe in a real Heaven, Hell, judgment, things we believe the Bible teaches very clearly. This section of the Reader is called “Sheep and Goats,” which is a direct reference to Matthew 25:46. Jesus talks about eternal punishment and eternal life. We believe we’re the ones who deserve eternal punishment, but we have a savior, God’s own son, our dear Lord Jesus Christ, who took that punishment for us, and gives us eternal life in its place. For me, if I can say, this, the question is “Where do you go when Jesus died for you?” The answer is, “To be with him.”

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