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Audio Books and Lectures

Intertestamental Period

History of the Maccabean Revolt (2nd c. BC)
A chronicles the struggle of the Jews against Antiochus Epiphanes ca. 167 B.C.
First Maccabees
The Wisdom of Solomon


Titus Flavius Josephus 1st. c. Roman/Jewish historian.
Antiquities begins at Creation supplimenting Scriptures with tradition.
Wars covers the struggle for Jerusalem: 164bc-70ad.
The Jewish Antiquities (94ad)
Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3 Vol 4
The Jewish Wars (75ad)

The Didache
The earliest extra-biblical Christian document. Simple and direct and challenging.
The Teaching of the Twelve (ca. 90)

Clement of Rome
The 3rd bishop of the Church at Rome, Clement writes to the troubled congregation in Corinth, with instruction about the virtues of order and obedience to church authority.
The Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians (ca. 96)

Ignatius of Antioch
Seven letters composed on his way to martyrdom in Rome. Beautiful examples of humility, order and love.
Epistles (ca. 110)

Polycarp of Smyrna
With Ignatius and Clement, Polycarp is among the chief Apostolic Fathers. Purportedly sat at the feet of St. John.
To the Philippians (ca. 110-140)

Justin, Martyr
Impressed by the fearlessness of the martyrs, Justin converted to Christianity, taught in Rome and was beheaded for the faith.
First Apology (150-157)
Second Apology (150-157)

Ireneaus of Lyons
Student of Polycarp. Made Bishop of Lyons, France in the wake of the great persecution of Gaul. This great work against the Gnostics pioneers the development of Creatio ex nihilo and Recapitulatio.
Against Heresies (ca. 180):
Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Book 5

Hippolytus of Rome
Disciple of Ireneaus and presbyter under Zephyrinus of Rome, he is the most important Roman theologian of the 3rd century.
On Christ and Antichrist (ca. 202)

Origen of Alexandria
Declared anathema by the 5th ecumenical council, centuries after his death, but valuable when read with care.
On Prayer (ca. 235)


Cyprian of Carthage
This bishop of Carthage was very influential in discussions on the nature of Church and Ministry.
Treatise I: On the Unity of the Church (ca. 250)
Treatise III: On the Lapsed (251)
Treatise IV: On the Our Father (ca. 250)

Athanasius of Alexandria
He earned the name "contra mundum" for his tireless opposition of Arianism in the face of all power. Remains among the greatest theologians.
Life of Anthony
Against the Gentiles (ca. 319)
On the Incarnation (ca. 320)
Four Discourses Against the Arians

Macarius the Egyptian
One of the Desert Fathers of the Early Christian Church
Fifty Spiritual Homilies (300-391)

Eusebius of Ceasarea
To fill in the gap from the New Testament to the Council of Nicea, this ought to be required reading for every Christian.
Ecclesiastical History (ca. 325)

Cyril of Jerusalem
These pastoral lectures from the bishop of Jerusalem are a classic text for understanding how the early Church viewed Baptism and the Christian life.
Catechetical Lectures (347-348):
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Basil of Ceasarea
Did the early Church understand the Biblical Creation account as myth? Nothing could be further from the truth.
The Hexaemeron (ca. 378)

Gregory Nazianzus
One of the Capadotian Fathers (with Gregory Nyssa and Basil of Ceasarea). These five orations turned the tide against Arianism.
Five Theological Orations (ca. 379)

Egeria (Etheria) of Gaul
The newly built Basilicas of the Holy Land are visted and described in this wonderful journal.
The Pilgrimage of Etheria (381-384)

St. John Chrysostom
He wasn't called "Golden-mouth" for nothing. Wonderful ecclesiology.
Commentary on the Gospel of St. Matthew
Birth, Baptism, Temptation (1-14)
The Sermon on the Mount (15-24)
The Miracles of Christ (25-43)
(Homilies 44-64) in progress
Commentary on Galatians (ca. 393)

Palladius of Galatia
This seminal work is an archive of the Desert Fathers
The Lausiac History (419)

Cyril of Alexandria (376-444)
The most important theologian of Alexandrian Christology. He remains indespensable for Chalcidonian Christianity.
On the Unity of Christ

Leo the Great
Famous for his "Tome," these sermons reveal the pastoral interest of Chalcedonian Christology.
Selected Sermons (ca. 440-461)


Augustine of Hippo
By far the most influential theologian of Western Christendom. He is the father of Medieval theology. Took the lead role in both the Donatist and Pelagian controversies.
Confessions (397-398)
On Christian Doctrine (397 & 426)
On Catechising the Unlearned
Enchiridion (420)
The City of God (413-426)

John of Damascus
Respected and copiously quoted among Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants, John is a perfect ecumenical starting point.
The Orthodox Faith (ca. 670)

The Venerable Bede
This scholar/saint from Northumbria provides us with the most thorough history of English Christendom.
The Ecclesiastical History of England (731)

Thomas a Kempis
This beloved devotional book is succinct and profound. You will want to ponder each devotion before rushing to the next.
The Imitation of Christ (1418)


Martin Luther
The man who touched off the Reformation still defies categorization. For some he is too catholic to be Reformed. For others he's too evangelical to be Catholic. In truth, he's too Christian to be either.
To the Christian Nobility (1520)
The Babylonian Captivity of the Church (1520)
The Freedom of A Christian Man (1520)
Sermons from the Church Postil (1522)
The Bondage of the Will (1525)
Commentary on Galatians (1535)

Lutheran Confessions
This collection of documents has served as the definitive confession of the Lutheran Church since 1580. Luther's Catechisms pastorally teach the faith. Melanchthon's Augustana and it's Apology together with the Cat. of Testimonies demonstrate continuity with the Church catholic. Smalcald and the Formula reject the errors of the Sacramentarians while reiterating the Augustana.
Concordia Triglotta (English M4B)
Ecumenical Creeds (3rd-5th c.)
Augsburg Confession (1530)
Defense of the Augsburg Confession (1530)
Smalcald Articles (1537)
Treatise (1537)
Small Catechism (1529)
Large Catechism (1529)
Formula of Concord: Epitome (1577)
Formula of Concord: Solid Declaration (1577)
Catalog of Testimonies (1580)
Visitation Articles (1592)


Johann Gerhard
Theologian of the Lutheran Church.
Sacred Meditations (1630)

Blaise Pascal
This brilliant mind died too young. But left his Pensees (thoughts) in a collection of brief, loosely organized propositions.
Pensees (ca. 1660)

19th & 20th Centuries

C. F. W. Walther
Pastor, professor and founding president of the Lutheran Church -- Missouri Synod.
The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel (1885)

Gilbert K. Chesterton
An English Catholic from the turn of the century, Chesterton's humor and cutting wit will keep you entertained. More than that, he will force you to think in new categories, foreign to the modern mind and considerably more sensible.
Heretics (1905)
Orthodoxy (1908)
What's Wrong with the World (1910)
The Superstition of Divorce (1920)
The New Jerusalem (1920)
Eugenics and Other Evils (1922)
Everlasting Man (1925)


William C. Weinrich
A specialist in Early Church history, Dr. Weinrich is one of the few teachers in the world today who can help you see how the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the Person of Christ is neither obscure nor irrelevant. His clear lectures will bring you to an appreciation and love of the Nicene Creed like no other.
Patristic Exegesis as Sacramental and Ecclesial (1999)
Death and Martyrdom in the Early Church (2000)
Chalcedom AD 452 - What's It All About? (2001)
The Patristic Doctrine of the Trinity (2004)
The Holy Spirit and Redemption of Man (2006)
The Holy Trinity - What's the Point? (2010)

David P. Scaer
Professor of systematic theology at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His lectures are always informative, insightful. His dry wit keeps you entertained while his original thinking makes connections on the deepest levels.
Reformed Exegesis -- Lutheran Sacraments (1999)
The Death and Resurrection of Jesus as Eschatalogical Event (2000)
Homo Factus Est as the Revelation of God (2001)
Baptism as Foundational Sacrament (2003)
Sacraments, Inspiration and the Holy Trinity (2004)
The Third Use of the Law--Resolving Tension (2005)
The Holy Spirit and Sacraments (2006)
Metamorphosis of Confessional Lutheranism (2007)
Flights from the Atonement (2008) video
God as the Secondary Fundamental Doctrine (2010)
The Sacraments in the Catholic Epistles (2010)
Walther and the Third Use of the Law (2011)
Do the Epistles Have to Come before the Gospels? (2012) video
Justification: Jesus vs. Paul (2012) video
Abortion, Incarnation and Children in the Church (2013) video

Philip Cary
Specialization in the thought of Augistine gives Cary deep insight into the sacramental thought of Luther.
Sola Fide, Luther and Calvin (2007)

Adam Francisco
Professor of historical theology with a specialty in late Byzantine studies, he is uniquely qualified to address contemporary Islam.
Luther and the Challenge of Islam (2007)
The New Atheism and Its Impact (2010)
1 Contemporary Challenges to the Gospels
2 Contemporary Challenges to the Gospels
3 Contemporary Challenges to the Gospels
Jesus: God of the Prophets or Prophet of God?
I. The Muslim Worldview
II. Islamic Theology, Pt. 1
III. Islamic Theology, Pt. 2
IV. Islam in America

Michael D. Lange
With a Ph.D. in solid state physics he combines technical knowledge, wide reading and superb teaching ability into a tour through the sciences on the question of the world's origins.
Creation, Evolution and Science (1997)
Session 1: October 12
Session 2: October 19
Session 3: October 26
Session 4: November 2
Session 5: November 9
Session 6: November 16
Session 7: November 23

Robert A. J. Gagnon
Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Jesus' View of Marriage (2013)
Paul on Homosexual Practice (2013)
Analogies and Their (Mis)Use in the Same-Sex Debate (2013)
Panel Discussion with Wesley Hill, Ben Mitchell, and Stanton Jones (2013)

John Armstrong
Reformation and Revival Ministries, Wheaton, IL: Dispensationalism
It's Origins and Development
It's Essence I
It's Essence II
It's Hermenuetic I
It's Hermenuetic II
It's Hermenuetic III
It's Doctrine of the Kingdom and Israel I
It's Doctrine of the Kingdom and Israel II
It's Doctrine of the Kingdom and Israel III
It's Doctrine of the Church I
It's Doctrine of the Church II
It's Doctrine of the Church III
Covenants and Promises
It's Eschatology I
It's Eschatology II
It's Eschatology III
It's Eschatology IV
Matthew 24 and Dispensationalism
The Millennium and Dispensationalism

John W. Kleinig
His course on Christian Spirituality became the basis for his book Grace upon Grace. These lectures are sensitive, profound and informative.
Christian Spirituality (2009)

Burnell F. Eckardt
These lectures provide thoughtful insights into the creation narrative with implications for Christian life.
Christ in Genesis (2011)

Issues, Etc.
Christ-Centered Cross-Focussed Talk Radio podcasts hosted by Todd Wilken
Podcast Archives (2008-2009)
Podcast Archives (2010-2012)

Steven Paulson
Author of Luther for the Armchair Theologian. He is an associate professor of systematics at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.
"New Perspectives" on Paul (2011)
Deus Absconditus (2011)
The Gospel and Other Gospels

Body of Christ and the Public Square
Annual conferences hosted by Rev. Christopher Thoma
2015 September 26
Dr. William Weinrich MP3 / YouTube
David Barton (1) MP3 / YouTube
Senator Patrick Colbeck MP3 / YouTube
Rev. Raphael Cruz MP3 / YouTube
William Wagner MP3 / YouTube
David Barton (2) MP3 / YouTube
Bob Dutko MP3 / YouTube
Representative Lee Chatfield MP3 / YouTube
Panel Discussion MP3 / YouTube

2016 October 1
Rev. Christopher Thoma - The Two Kingdoms and the Tragic Assumptions MP3 / YouTube
Rep. Lana Theis and Senator Patrick Colbeck - An Exercise in Religious Liberty MP3 / YouTube
Professor William Wagner - God, Man and the Constitution MP3 / YouTube
Dinesh D'Souza MP3 / YouTube
Panel Discussion MP3 / YouTube

2017 October 7
Joshua Thoma MP3 / YouTube
Rev. Christopher Thoma MP3 / YouTube
Rev. Dr. Jamison Hardy MP3 / YouTube
Senator Patrick Colbeck MP3 / YouTube
Dr. Thomas Burke MP3 / YouTube
Dennis Prager MP3 / YouTube
Panel Discussion MP3 / YouTube

2017 October 14
Rev. Christopher Thoma MP3 / YouTube
Professor William Wagner MP3 / YouTube
Senator Joe Hune MP3 / YouTube
Rep. Louis Ghomert MP3 / YouTube
Panel Discussion MP3 / YouTube

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