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Saturday, January 26, 2013

He Remembers the Barren

The highlight of my week in Fort Wayne was meeting Katie Schuermann, the recipient of this year's Sabre of Boldness award.
She is the first woman and first layperson to ever win the award. Here is the reason she was nominated: Mrs. Schuermann is author of the book He Remembers the Barren, and had spoken to groups of women burdened like her with the affliction of barrenness. In the course of these meetings she soon found herself hearing from women who had turned to in vitro fertilization as a last resort to ease their pain. In spite of the sensitive nature of the matter, she felt constrained to tell the truth in love about the unacceptability of in vitro fertilization. For us who know that life begins at conception, there is really no ethical alternative than to reject in vitro fertilization, in whose process fertilized embryos are always discarded. For her to have the courage to say so in such circumstances, and to speak up for life, for which she has endured much grief and rejection, is commendable.
In addition to a book, Katie also maintains a blog by the same name. He Remembers the Barren.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Exceeding the Speed of Thought

In his clear and engaging review of the latest book advocating a new morality, Matthew J. Franck makes two necessary observations.

1. Unlike any other issue of social justice in the history of America (or the world) same-sex marriage has absolutely no history. No one ever -- Christian, pagan, homosexual or straight -- thought that homosexuals having the right to marry is a matter of social justice.

2. With the advocacy of same-sex marriage, it is less about respect and kindness toward homosexual behavior than it is about redefing the purpose of marriage. Instead of marriage existing for the sake of the children, every advocate of same-sex marriage contends that marriage is for the financial and social benefit of those who are married.

Read the full article here: Same-Sex Marriage and Social Change: Exceeding the Speed of Thought