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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Martyrdom of Kristine Luken

Gene Vieth of Patrick Henry College writes of his personal aquaintance with the "American Tourist" who was recently stabbed to death in the wooded hills outside of Jerusalem.

Kristine was gentle, sensitive, and extremely devout. One account I read said that police were investigating if she had any sinister dealings of any kind, and I can assure them that she most certainly did not. I’d stake my life on that.

The first assumption was that she was killed by Muslim terrorists, but I’m not so sure. Judging from the detail about the Star of David necklace, recounted by another woman who survived the attack, I’m thinking it sounds like the two assailants might have been Jewish radicals who attacked her for evangelizing Jews. At any rate, I have no doubt that she was murdered for her Christian faith.

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